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LED lights, when you really dig deep into the numbers, essentially pay for themselves through the years because of the financial savings in your energy bills, but the light that LED lights emit is a lot more aesthetically attractive as well.

LED Lighting is a directional light supply, which means that they produce light in a particular course. Not like incandescent lights, which emit mild warmth in all directions. LED lights are capable of brightening and using less electricity while doing so.

So, for the Melbourne Led Lighting Installation in indoor, outdoor, and commercial places, you must need a good service provider to make your place better. Alpha Spark Electrical Solutions is here to provide you with a LED lighting installation service in Melbourne.


Seeing that we depend on electricity for virtually everything we do, our first instinct may be to panic in the event of a power outage. There are usually two leading causes of a power outage.

  • External factors: these are factors beyond our control. This includes outages due to natural events such as storms, or a problem with the electricity distributor in the area.
  • Internal factors: These may be caused when the switchboard is overloaded. In this instance, the solution is simple, reduce the load, or call a Melbourne Outdoor Lighting Electrician to install extra circuits to avoid future outages. Another cause of the internal outage is old, damaged or faulty electrical appliances or wiring. In this instance, a professional electrician is required to assess and identify the root of the problem. Usually, there are two options available;
  • Switchboard Repair.
  • Switchboard Upgrade.


When there is a switchboard repair or upgrade, it is recommended that the house is rewired, especially for older homes. This is because the wiring in an old house becomes loose and poses a fire hazard over time.

It’s important to note that it is not recommended that you attempt to fix faulty wiring by yourself; it is risky to do so – do not do it. A licensed electrician will advise you on the best option to get your power back on.